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Hot Water Heating

For reliable and energy efficient hot water heater installation, maintenance or EMERGENCY services in the Niagara Region, you can count on Pro-Gas

Conventional Hot Water Tank

Our conventional hot water tanks are an economical choice for any home.  By design, these units have a simplified construction providing ease for service and maintenance.

Power Vented Hot Water Tank

Pro-Gas carries power vented hot water heaters.  These units eliminate the need for a chimney as well they are energy efficient.

Tankless/Hybrid Water Tank

For the next level in water heating options Pro-Gas provides tankless water heaters.  They provide greater efficiency and quicker recovery time to keep your hot water flowing while saving you energy and money.

Our on-demand units provide up to 98% efficiency, take up less space and provide you with instant hot water.

Tank Rental

Pro-Gas makes water heater rental easy.

Rental rates start at $13.99 + HST per month.