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Pool Heating Installation + Services

Over the past 20 years, Pro-Gas has grown to be the largest pool heater installation, maintenance and repair company in the Niagara Region.

Whether you're opening your pool, upgrading your system or simply need seasonal maintenance, you can count on Pro-Gas for prompt friendly service with a smile.

Why is it important to keep your pool heater services?

Like any other appliance, your pool heater requires routine maintenance to run safely and efficiently.

Outdoor equipment is subject to problems caused by mother nature.  Rodents and insects have the potential to cause obstructions, which can lead to damage, costly repairs and fires.  It's vitally important to have your pool heater serviced for these reasons, and also to check for normal wear and tear on the unit.

We recommend having your pool heater cleaned and serviced before starting it up each season.

Underground fuel lines for new pool installations

We sell the underground fuel lines for new pools as well, and they can be installed by our certified technicians.

Commercial or Residential Pools?  We do it all!

Pro-Gas offers installation, maintenance and warranty repairs for commercial pool heaters, as well as residential.  In addition, Pro-Gas works with large pool installation companies starting at the planing stages of a project.